Looking for someone to help your church build a great ministry that can last? Our friends at Ministry Architects can help you build the sustainable plan you’ve been looking for and give you the tools and resources you’ll need along the way.

MA BIg for E&E
Ministry Architects is a team of almost 90 pastors, teachers, executives, youth workers, children’s pastors, writers, and professors. We’re fanatical about results and helping ministries find clear direction and sustained momentum backed up by properly aligned resources.


I have worked with 3 different Ministry Architect consultants throughout the last decade that have benefitted me greatly in life, ministry and personal growth. I have been grateful for the raw truth they have spoken into my life and how the constant encouragement for my ministry. I have ALWAYS left every conversation with them feeling renewed and motivated to do God’s work. I have especially benefitted from them not shying away from hard conversations, ministry challenges and leadership development. I highly recommend their consulting whether you are a seasoned veteran, looking for a new job or just trying to navigate a certain season in your ministry.

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