Equipping Parents

As you probably already know, this parenting thing is hard. These little ones who God gifts us with don’t stay little for long, and they don’t come with an instruction manual.  It can be especially tough for those of us who are working hard to raise kids who love God and follow him in their everyday life. If we’re honest, we need help.
Equipping and encouraging parents is one of our main focuses and we have several ways that try to do that.  We point parents to the best free resources we can find and we offer seminars and tools for churches and parents.


Over the past several years we’ve been working on a concept that could change the way you parent.  As they grow up, our kids are developing some tremendous emotional baggage and, as parents, there are things we can do to help our kids lighten the load!

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We all know that life is crazy and there is often a lot of “noise” that comes our way. How can we as parents help our families set a better pace and navigate all that comes at us in a healthy way? The Navigating the Noise seminar gives parents some practical ideas to lead their family through the chaos.

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