“I have witnessed the imagination and genius leadership of Chris Sasser first-hand. The powerfully simple and practical principles that shape the organizations and initiatives he leads are not just philosophical fluff. They are real, timeless, and proven. Sass is a humble, honest, unassuming leader. His genius lies in bringing top-shelf, skyscraper thinking down to tippy-toe level. In an ever-changing sea of student culture, Sass is the kind of leader who simultaneously raises sails and drops anchors for the next generation and their leaders.

Director of Student Leadership, Orange / INFLUNSR | Communicator | Co-Author of The Seven Checkpoints: Seven Principles Every Teenager Needs to Know and Max Q: Developing Students of Influence

Chris Sasser has now become a leading voice in the field of family ministry. The principles he teaches are anchored in the latest research, but more importantly, they have been proven in the crucible of Chris’s decades of day-to-day ministry in the church. If you’re looking for a family ministry consultant, trainer, or coach, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who matches Sass’s experience, insight, and proven results.

Founder and president of Ministry Architects, Co-founder of Ministry Incubators and the Center for Youth Ministry Training, and Founder of Justice Industries. Mark served as the Associate Pastor for Youth and Their Families at First Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee for 28 years, where he continues to serve in a volunteer capacity. Author of a dozen or so books, including Sustainable Youth Ministry and Family-Based Youth Ministry, and the co-author of Sustainable Children’s Ministry and Sustainable Young Adult Ministry.

“Sass was doing “Family Ministry” long before it was the cool thing to do. He knows that moms and dads are the best possible champions for their kids, so he invests his deepest heart energy on equipping and encouraging parents who wonder whether their best will ever be good enough. He’s my go-to when it comes to resources for parents.”

Jeff is the Executive Vice-President of Ministry Architects and Director of Family Ministry at Christ United Methodist Church in Venice, Florida.  He has consulted with large and small youth and children‰’s ministries from California to Florida and is a frequent speaker at events from the Group/Simply Convention to KidMin. Jeff is a regular columnist for Group Magazine, and has co-written three books with Mark DeVries: Before You Hire a Youth Pastor, The Indispensable Youth Pastor, and Training on the Go (volume 2) (Group Publishing).

“Chris Sasser has worked with our church as a consultant and coach for the last three years. He is a trusted professional who has worked closely with our ministry stakeholders, lay leaders and ministerial staff. Our Children, Student, and Young Adult ministries are stronger and healthier today because of Chris. Our ministers and church family have greatly benefited from his knowledge, expertise, and wisdom. Chris Sasser is a trusted coach, consultant and friend of our church.”

Executive Pastor
First Baptist Church of Huntsville, AL

“Working with Chris Sasser is SO MUCH FUN! I literally could NOT be leading our parent ministry without Chris’ insights, knowledge, and breadth of experience. Chris is down-to-earth, patient and understanding. Chris is available when I need advice or help and is consistently reliable in following up with what he says he will do. He has led several parenting events at our church and as he is a father, he relates very well to other parents. He is the behind the scenes force encouraging the growth of our thriving parent ministry.”

Youth Program and Parent Ministry Coordinator
The Church of St. Michael & St. George, Clayton, MO

“I have worked with Chris at two different churches in two different cities. Chris has spoken at summer camp, weekend retreats, and mission events. We also plan to have him lead our first ever Parent Seminar to help equip our families! During the last 5 years + Chris has benefitted me greatly in life, ministry and personal growth. I have been grateful for the raw truth he has spoken into my life and the constant encouragement for my ministry. I have ALWAYS left every conversation with him feeling renewed and motivated to do God’s work. I have especially benefitted from him not shying away from hard conversations, ministry challenges and leadership development. Chris is a great asset for you and your ministry whether you are a seasoned veteran or just trying to navigate a certain season. I am grateful for all the ways Chris has poured into me personally and with my calling to the church.”

Director of Student Ministries
Wesley Memorial UMC of High Point, NC